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サムズ - Sam's Steaks & Grill

サムズは最高のビーフ、豊富なワインリストとそのサービスにおいて多くの方々からご支持をいただいております。アメリカ, オーストラリア産の特上ビーフはきっと皆様にもご満足いただけることでしょう。 ドレスコード: リラックス・カジュアルですが、ショートパンツやビーチサンダルでのご来店はご遠慮ください。

オープン時間 18:00 - 24:00.


Goose liver terrine with black current jelly, Brioche and greens

Pan fried scallops with truffle oil flavored greens

Avocado-Shrimps cocktail

Sam's collection for two
Snail on polenta, goose liver terrine and blue crab salad

Caesar salad with chicken
(prepared at your table)

Crustacean bisque with lobster ravioli

Roasted sweet corn and pumpkin soup
with crab meat

Spaghetti with rock lobster and
creamy tomato sauce

Baked white snapper with fennel, grapes,
sauteed pumpkins & peas

Roasted rack of lamb, young potatoes,
stuffed tomato & garlic balsamic jus

Sam's pepper steak served with
black and white pepper sauces

Fillet Steak

T-Bone Steak

Tasmanian Salmon

Pork Fillet Medaillons

1/2 Spring Chicken

Chateau Briand

Fillet Wellington

Rib Eye Steak

Starch (choose two)

Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream and
chocolate sauce

Moccha charlotte with ice cream and
candied nuts

Lava cake (warm chocolate cake filled with chocolate sauce

Chocolate mousse Cannelloni

Crepe Suzette with mango and vanilla ice cream
(Prepared at your table)

Crepe Suzette with mango and vanilla ice cream
(Prepared at your table)

Strawberry macaron with red current sauce

Flair of the Irish
(Irish Whisky and more...)

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